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I have a longer update coming, but in the meantime, please enjoy this bit of Friday Freewriting from my “Writing Magical Realism” class. — The gentle whisper of the falling leaves left a susurrus in the crisp fall air. They…

I Live!

It’s been a wild six months since I last posted anything here. I’ll have a fuller announcement soon(ish), but in the meantime, please enjoy one of my homework assignments.


2021, am I right? It’s been an absolutely wreck of a year, and frankly, school has been what’s been keeping me going. But six classes was too damn much. One of the classes I took was an experiential learning class,…


I mean if you can’t use your skillz to make entirely indulgent fan art…Hammered titanium

And fin!

My 2nd jewelry project is done. Are there flaws? Oh yes. Could I have made this easier on myself. Definitely. But I learned a lot in the process, and isn’t that part of the fun of creating?

Metal etching tests

What do you do when etching resist is out of stock? Oh and it has toxicity concerns?You do some tests, and write shit down, because Science™️.I cut 20 gauge copper into roughly 1-inch squares, cleaned and prepped them for etching.…

I’m a rocker. I rock out.

One of the assignments in class is putting together a selection of thematically similar pieces for a portfolio. True to form, I decided to do some blasphemous artwork, because that’s who I am.Watercolors have always been my favorite medium, but…

Reading Material

My powers grow ever stronger.My jewelry class doesn’t have an official textbook, but this was one of my recommended items to get. From my first flip through, I can see why. So much information and techniques and data!We love a…