DarkSun Studio is the digital home for DarkMoon Gallery and whatever other mad things Liz Courts comes up with. Seriously, that kind of thing needs to be contained for everyone’s sake, but some of it has gotten loose on the Internet, in places like:

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About Liz Courts

A smiling woman is gleefully hugging a tree
Liz Courts, tree-huggin’ hippy and suspected werewolf

Liz has been enamored of art her whole life. Some of her earliest memories are of watching her mother paint and being fascinated by the shapes and the colors. This fascination with art has become one of her passions, and a skill that she has honed over the years. Liz works in primarily in classical media, specializing in watercolor, ink, and pencil, while also versed in acrylics and oil paints, as well as numerous mixed and non-standard media. She has a strong talent for creature design and illustration, cartography, and character illustration.

In addition to her art, design, and illustration talents, Liz is also a graphic designer, working on logo design and layouts for numerous publishers.

Liz blames her brother for all of the gaming stuff, though. An avid gamer for almost thirty years, Liz has worked on over 100 different roleplaying game products, helped organize the first unofficial PaizoCon, started and headed the Wayfinder fanzine for its first four issues, went on to work for Paizo (publisher of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game), and is now a mostly organic, free range freelancer. Liz also likes art, baking, coffee, and all things ninja, but not always in that order. She is not a werewolf.