2021, am I right?

It’s been an absolutely wreck of a year, and frankly, school has been what’s been keeping me going. But six classes was too damn much. One of the classes I took was an experiential learning class, which basically gives you a thumbs up/down for college credit, and I opted to see if I could get it for Painting I.

And they said no.

I’m still salty about this, because it came down to “It’s not oil painting.”


Healthy as a…

Well certainly not healthy as a horse. It’s certainly been a year of health issues on top of everything else, but finally, I have some new medications that seem to be helping. How fortunate that the summer semester starts next week!

School School School!

A lot of my energy is focused on going towards schoolwork (in case you haven’t figured that out), with of course, the end goal of becoming an art teacher. Upcoming this summer:

  • Art Practices I
  • Introduction to Race, Class & Ethnicity
  • Jewelry & Small Metal Construction II
  • Jewelry & Small Metal Construction Portfolio
  • Metallurgy

I’m all signed up and registered for fall at the University of New Mexico, and I am really excited and a little weirded out that I’ve finally got there. It’s been over 20 years since I graduated high school, and I tried twice before to return to college to pursue a degree. There are various reasons as to why that is (and if you’re a patron, you can ask me in my Discord), but at the core, it’s because I listened and believed people I shouldn’t have.

“You’ll never make any money as an artist!” was probably the most common refrain.

As if money was the sum total of what life is about.

Will I ever be disgustingly rich? (What is that number anyway?) Likely not. Chances are vanishingly small, even. But that’s not my main focus. Yes, money helps pay for art supplies and keep my cat fed and my judgmental angelfish happy, but I don’t want it to be the focus of my life. If I wanted to have money, I would have stayed in IT and network administration. Yeah, teachers aren’t really known for bringing in the bank, but that feeling of inspiring somebody to learn and grow and expand their knowledge, seeing the delight on their face?

Fucking priceless.

My Beloved Patrons

And to you, my wonderful and steadfast patrons, I love that you’re all here. I’ve had more than a few low points the last few months, but the fact that y’all continue to support me in the rollercoaster that the 2020s have brought is fucking amazing and I am humbled by it.

So, what do you want to see from me? Do you want more art supply reviews? Livestreams? Gaming material? Comics? Cynical and jaded insights on various topics? Let me know!

And if you’re not a patron…why not? What would you like me to improve? I’m open to suggestions.

Love from me and my menagerie!

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