I’m a rocker. I rock out.

One of the assignments in class is putting together a selection of thematically similar pieces for a portfolio. True to form, I decided to do some blasphemous artwork, because that’s who I am.
Watercolors have always been my favorite medium, but ever since moving to New Mexico, it’s been a struggle. The mineral content in the water here is so high, and the weather is so dry, I’ve had to relearn how to paint, particularly with the wet-on-wet techniques that I use.
Finally, I figured things out.

  • Water: Distilled or reverse-osmosis.
  • Oxgall: an additive that helps with flow (how well the water absorbs into the paper)
  • Glycerin: slows down the drying time

here are loads of additives that you can use with acrylics, but watercolors are so delicate and dependent on water, that I didn’t want to mix acrylic mediums and watercolors.
My rockin’ imp is coming out nicely after I figured my additives out.

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