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School Time: Bleach discharge dye samples

So one of the things that your patronage supports is me returning to school to be an art teacher! This is for my Art Practices class, which focuses on more three-dimensional techniques. This lesson involves taking dark fabric and using…

Blog: Fear of Success

Fear kills more dreams than failure ever does. Failure can teach you how to improve and what not to do. But we rarely talk about the fear of success, so let’s do that. ☆*✲゚*。)O( 。*゚✲*☆ One of the things that…

Sketchbook Tour: November 22, 2020

Finally! I had the darndest time getting the video uploaded from my phone to my computer to work on—so here you go! I had initially thought to do this with Patreon’s Lens app, but then I found out that those…

Patron Survey!

Hey this is just a quick note that I am in the process of reviewing my various patronage levels and I want to make sure you see this short survey that I put together.