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In Like a Lion

Hooboy. This is finally done. I participated in an 18 Hour Comics challenge at Ballard’s Push/Pull comix and art gallery, and while I didn’t meet the goal (start and finish an 18 page comic in 18 hours), I did get…

“She-Ra: Stripper of Power” Art

Whoo boy, it’s been a busy month… This month, I had a double whammy of shows right off the bat: OrcaCon *and* doing the art for “She-Ra: Stripper of Power” burlesque play. The headliner there is Adora in modern garb,…

OrcaCon 2018 art

Vendor halls have their slowdown time, so that means keepin’ busy with some art! Prints are available on DarkSun Studio.

Patreon Fee Changes, Future Support

 Hey folks, hopefully by now you’ve received notifications from Patreon regarding upcoming changes to how your pledges are handled. If you haven’t…well suffice to say that it is not good for you, my fans and patrons. Right now, I have…

Cult Logos

I don’t often show off my works-in-progress for other companies, but long-time friend Clinton J. Boomer has me working on doing some layout for him, and also tasked me with doing a few logos/cult symbols for said layout.

Stranger Things: Young Gods

Inspiration hits you at the strangest of times. I recently went to a Halsey concert, and recently caught up with Stranger Things, and this was the result. Right now, it’s an exclusive for VIP guests of the “Pushing Pasties” show…