“She-Ra: Stripper of Power” Art

Whoo boy, it’s been a busy month… This month, I had a double whammy of shows right off the bat: OrcaCon *and* doing the art for “She-Ra: Stripper of Power” burlesque play.

The headliner there is Adora in modern garb, drinking her unicorn frappucino from Cafe Etheria. Her phone is her sword now, and her messenger bag has pins from all of her friends.

Queen Frosta wants to share a kiss with you.

And I spent a helluva long time obsessing over a cartoon character’s nipples.

The originals and prints are all available on my site—as well as a bunch of new vinyl stickers!

As for OrcaCon…well, I sold out of my “Gay Agenda” notebooks, so I’ll consider that a good sign. I’ll be re-upping my stock sometime this month, along with some new stuff.

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