Warmup Sketch

My warmup sketch for the day, Countess Feldtha Jynn III, the Hag Queen. This particular piece of fan art is inspired from the Karthun setting from d20Monkey.

Happy Accidents

Pastels are not my favorite medium. I find them finicky and bizarre to work with, and the loose sense of control makes me fussy. But that’s okay. Bob Ross (may he rest in piece) had that line, “We don’t make…

Death and Taxes (Prep)

Working on some composition ideas for my next piece I want to do. I’ve always wanted to do a nice pen and ink piece featuring a psychopomp and an inevitable titled, well, Death & Taxes.

*comes up for air*

Holy moly was June busy, and I’m just now unburying myself from emails and stacks of work! I recently just showed off some new art at Showgirls of Beast Island, a burlesque show from Unnatural Redhead Productions, and this piece,…