April 2017: Elven Butler

 Thank you everybody for your support this month! Here’s an elven butler, ready to serve you coffee (among other things). Don’t forget, if you’re a backer at the $3 or more level, you’ll get a ZIP file with backgrounds in…

March 2017: Spider Lady

Thank you everybody for your support! Here is March 2017’s art, and by the vote, it was for a pinup. Because this is me, you get a monster pinup: Spider Lady! Keep an eye out for April’s poll where you…

March 2017 Art

Per the vote last month, March 2017’s art is…PINUP TIME! Spider Lady pinup, because…why not? 😀 Because you’re a backer at $3 or more, you get free wallpapers, sized for different monitors and mobile devices. Enjoy!