Choice in the time of COVID-19

At the end of the day, life is about choices. A lot of conflict comes from the removal of choice, when we are pressured into doing something because there is no other option.

Those choices should never come with a price tag of somebody else’s suffering.

I posted this elsewhere, but dang it, I wanted to save it here too. IT IS SO FUCKIN’ FRUSTRATING. We’re two years into this, and people STILL can’t wear a mask properly.

A choice not to vaccinate or wear a mask is literally killing people. A choice not to vaccinate or mask is why this pandemic is now TWO years in, with 65 million cases and 850,000 deaths, JUST in the United States. A choice to not vaccinate or mask puts everybody else’s right to be healthy and LIVE at risk. There is no “move on” or “living in fear” for those that got sick, died, or are living with long-term side effects because of somebody else’s CHOICE to disregard basic public health and safety–there’s suffering. Unnecessary, preventable suffering.
Mandates would not have been necessary if people made the CHOICE to care about others and how they might affect those that CAN’T get vaccinated.

FFS. Going to work and going to school shouldn’t feel like playing dice with my life, but here we are. Here the fuck we are.

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