Patreon Fee Changes, Future Support

 Hey folks, hopefully by now you’ve received notifications from Patreon regarding upcoming changes to how your pledges are handled. If you haven’t…well suffice to say that it is not good for you, my fans and patrons. Right now, I have a lot of emotional response to the changes that I’m still sorting through, but it comes down to:

  • I would rather have a little bit of support from a lot of folks, rather than a lot from a few.
  • I don’t want that support to come at a cost that unduly burdens my patrons.
  • I like transparency in my messaging.
  • I want to also be able to support my fellow creators as well.

The upcoming changes to Patreon do not make that easy. To that end, I have overhauled my webstore, which will allow you to become a patron of me directly, rather than having another party in the middle taking a transaction fee.

To be clear, I do not begrudge Patreon getting their share: being able to cover expenses is something that every business, from a company of one (hi, it me) to hundreds of thousands has to contend with. That is the nature of owning and operating a business. I do have issue with how their message was communicated and the lack of understanding of how their platform currently operates (and not how they would like it to operate).

I’ve spent the last two days setting up my website: overhauling the store and products, researching membership subscription options, and plotting ways to best be able to communicate and share content with you, my fans. I will be working on moving my existing content here over to the new site, and at some point in the future, I will be shutting this Patreon down. Ultimately, this is a good move, I think, despite the additional overhead costs: it will allow me to focus on one site, lessen my administrative time, and create more.

I hope you’ll join me on DarkSun Studio.

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