Updates, Impostor Syndrome, the Works!

One of the harder things about being self-employed is the drive and need to Always Be Working. For me, this often results in going with what’s guaranteed income (getting work from client) rather than future potential income (my own bigger projects). A couple of those client projects have been lingering albatrosses in my life, weighing me down, and preventing forward momentum on things that I want to do. Plus, the fun of looking for additional part time work, and let me tell you, trying to be objective and self-promotional of your own work while struggling with depression is hard as fuck when you’re updating your resume.

It’s been a trying few months, let’s say. 🙂

But! I have a fresh cup of coffee, my cat is purring against my legs, my dog is snoring next to me, and I have a documentary playing in the background, so life is good, and it’s time for updates.

Dark Nouveau

One of my backburner projects that I have finally started getting the pieces together for is Dark Nouveau, a series of fantasy art and Tarot-inspired pinups featuring burlesque performers from the local greater Seattle area (and beyond). If you’re a performer, or know performers, please head on over to the submission form for more information (and fill it out)!

Pushing Pasties: American Bods

The fine folks over at Unnatural Redhead Productions have invited me back to be a sponsor for their upcoming show on November 18th, and I am excited to be creating some new art for the theme.

Stock Art 

One of the goals that’s been on my list lately is setting up more sources of passive income, and with my ties to the small press tabletop gaming industry, I plan on filling a few holes in available art. Plus, I get to do creature design, which I adore.


A couple months ago, I participated in an 18 Hour Comic Day, which, if you are not familiar with, is where you attempt to create an entire comic, start to finish, in a limited time period. In this instance, 18 hours meant 18 pages. I did not finish the comic, but I did manage to get them all penciled and the first few pages inked before my hands decided to tap out. “Pomegranate” is a sci-fi, gender-flipped retelling of the story of Hades and Persephone, and I hope to have it done by the end of the year so I can show it off at OrcaCon (where I will be a guest).


One of the things that I’d like to do is set up a weekly streaming schedule where I work on a new piece. I’ll be putting up a poll shortly with an inquiry as to the best times for folks to watch.

Thank you everybody for your support, and happy creating!

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