Familiar Secrets

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Pets! We love ’em. Heck, whole class features are built around having a favorite friend to help you in the lab, sniff out your prey, or warm your toes at night. But what do they get up to outside of the adventure? When their people are away, will they in fact play?

Familiar Secrets is the story of three animals and their shenanigans when their little group gets a new addition.

  • Hue, a world-weary cat that has been through a few lives, a few masters, and a whole lot of spellcrafting side effects
  • Laznik, raven extraordinaire, full of sass and smoke
  • Karl, a pig who specializes in disposal
  • And finally, a wide-eyed puppy who doesn’t know anything about a lot of things, and doesn’t even have a name yet

Hue, Laznik, and Karl take it upon themselves to show their friend how to be a good companion, but they do travel with adventurers…and we all know what kind of trouble they can get into.

You’ll get:

  • A 32 page black & white graphic novel, in digital and paperback

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