Folio 32: Loronna

Folio 32: Loronna

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elf psychic 16

Blood runs thicker than water, or so some say. For Loronna, her family has dictated every move in her life. Born to wealthy middle-class merchants, her parents opted to make sure that their children would be given every opportunity to advance in life.

No matter the cost to their bodies or their minds.

Undergoing extensive therapy sessions in which her skull was elongated to enhance her psychic abilities, Loronna utilized her abilities at the behest of her parents to convince and persuade their house guests. It wasn't until much later that Loronna discovered that her parents were not just merchants, they were also highly respected underworld criminals.

But a lie is a lie, and Loronna detests them so. 

Unbeknownst to her parents, Loronna's abilities were beyond what they had intended when they began her education. Able to possess bodies, wipe memories, even shed her physical form, Loronna turned the tables on her parents with a minor display of her power.

Now it is Loronna in charge of all her family's assets and dealings, but to everybody else, nothing has changed. Loronna acts as an enforcer for her family (and that is what she is recognized as by other criminals). But for those that live in Saraudin House, they know better. Loronna lurks behind the walls, listening and watching, and when servants or her family wake up with no memory of time passing, they know they have felt Loronna's touch.

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