Welcome (back) to DarkMoon Gallery! And DarkSun Studio! And things!


You ever have those moments where you look at something and you just make angry, grumpy faces at it?

Yeah, that's been me with my website for the last six months.

Gravity Falls - Time Baby - "It is Finished"

I've completely redesigned it, polished off a few rough edges, but everything is (mostly) good to go! (There's gonna be an issue with downloads until I get everything transferred over.)

If you were previously a patron on my website,YOUR PATRONAGE HAS BEEN CANCELED. This is because I am using a new processor for membership to keep everything in one place...SO PLEASE SIGN UP AGAIN. If you're giving me money through Patreon, that's still fine too, but all content is going to be hosted here (just to make things easier for me).

So What's New?

New art! New journals! Prints! Original art! And you can become a patron for my stuff!

As a thank you, you can use the "NEWFRIEND" code when shopping through the month of June to get 10% off your order (one time only).

Heck Yeah, It's #PRIDE Month!

Make it gayer this month and every month with these sketchbooks and journals! I can always make a custom one if you don't see what you want (or you have something in mind).



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