Turning of the Seasons

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Now, this is a story all about how
Things just did not turn out like I planned
So let's take a minute to explain
Lemme tell how things are going in the five-oh-five—poorly.
Yeah, those lines didn't quite scan there at the end, so let's go into a bit more detail. After one of my partners got laid off in May, we decided to up and move e'erything to Albuquerque (where his family is from, and why I mentioned "505" above). Originally, our plan outlined to have our house in Snohomish sold and a new place here in ABQ by...September. October, maybe. The Seattle area market being weird and crazy would be to our advantage..
Suffice to say, that has not happened. What has happened is that we missed the ideal house sale window, and that has complicated things. A lot. Pretty much all of my art supplies, prints, and studio equipment are still in storage, and will continue to be so for the future. Unfortunately, this also means that a means of making income is not accessible to me, so I have come up short on my bills.
And as an extra added bonus, I have run out of my medications, so this is making life even more difficult. (GRUMP.)
Art is just another form of screaming
So now it's onto how you can help me through this bad patch.


Do you need a pic of yourself as a Princess (of Power)? Need a pin up of your favorite character or stronk orc ladies? Need a goofy chibi avatar? Let me draw that for you. I am reducing my prices for commissions until the end of the year—$30 for a portrait and $50 for a full character Here's an example of what I've done recently:
Terra from Final Fantasy VI
As an extra bonus, if you get a commission, you'll also get 15% off any of my apparel designs (through the end of the year).


Just want to send me dollars? I'm okay with that too. You can send me money through PayPal or Ko-Fi.

Ongoing Support

I'm trying to rework my various supporter and Patreon levels, so I'm not sure where I'm going with it yet. (The never-ending struggle of balancing what I can offer vs. time investment and value.) If you wanna support me through a small monthly gift, you can do that either through this site, or on Patreon.

Follow Me on Social Media

I try and livestream every Monday on Twitch, but Picarto is where my NSFW art will go too. (Yes! I like to draw shmexy things too. Like, a lot.)
I'm always thankful for any support you send my way, whether it's sharing a link, spreading the word of my skillz, or buying things directly from this self-employed artist. If you're heading to OrcaCon in January, I'll be there as their Guest of Honor, and I'll have a gift for you as well. <3
Thank you so much! Mwah!
Sending Warm Internet Nugs

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