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Fear of Success

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Fear kills more dreams than failure ever does. Failure can teach you how to improve and what not to do. But we rarely talk about the fear of success, so let's do that.

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Patreon, Paint, and Perseverance

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What can I say, I love alliteration. Let's talk about my revamped Patreon page, and paint (of course). ☆*✲゚*。)O( 。*゚✲*☆ I've had a love-hate-resigned relationship with Patreon from the get-go. It not-so-gently guides you to post everything on their site, while disallowing easy ways to export that out. And then there's the issue of transparency, business practices, focus on video content, and so much more! They are damn convenient, though, and I have begrudgingly rejoined the site because convenience is more of a priority though. There are Patreon alternatives out there (heck I even tried a few here on my...

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