Milestones: MET!


Huzzah, folks! I am very excited to say that I have met not one, but TWO of my patronage goals!

Milestone the First!

I have acquired enough art patrons that I can commit to a WEEKLY stream of art, starting September 2018! Mondays at 7:30pm (Mountain Time), anybody can drop into my art streams on Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, and Picarto and watch me work on new art, BUT! My patrons will get access to a subscriber-only livestreams on Picarto every first Monday. (Link will be emailed out later!)

Why Picarto? Well, first of all, they are geared more towards creative streaming. Second, they allow for NSFW tagging (because N00DZ are evil, of course). Thirdly, they allow for private streaming.

Milestone the Second!

Yay, I have enough GAMING backers as well to restart my NPCs for The City!

Right, New Stuff!

Hey, I also finished a bunch of art!

Neon Ten Rikki Blaine Bisexual, Panstabby Tell Me Lies 

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