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Okay, I'm mostly settled into my temporary office while searching for a new domicile. So with that, time for some updates!

T-Shirts, Hoodies, and Mugs!

You may have noticed a few new categories: Apparel and Home Goods. More of my art on not-paper is a good thing, because it will allow me a bit of income that's not reliant on my having things out of storage. *tiny woo*

Streamin' Arts and Noodz.

Heh heh. Butts.


Anyway, I've figured out how this new-fangled "streaming" and "software" works with Twitch and Picarto, which means that you'll see a lot more of me working on art, live! Still working my self-confidence up to chatting while streaming, as well as figuring out a set schedule, but this is a good progress step. If you want to see my NSFW stuff, Picarto is the place to go, while Twitch is gonna be for my SFW stuff.

Speaking of the dirty things, here's a snippet of Pinup: Spider Lady. If you want the full image, as well as a time lapse video from start to finish, why don't you become a patron and get access to the Night Market?

Icon: Spider Lady Pinup

Pay What You Want

Finally, I've integrated some Pay What You Want options for some of my Pathfinder Roleplaying Game material (*quiet cheering*). I'm getting it set up on some other digital materials, but I'm working out some of the kinks. Fuck it, we'll do it live, right? :D

Until next time!

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